Thursday, April 14, 2011

Plan G

I don't know how many plans I've actually had that weren't going to work out, but I think I may have settled on one that might work. Finally.

I got in contact with the woman who owns the school that I can work at. I'll be talking to her about pay, what the classes look like, and what will be expected of me. The school normally provides housing for teachers, and therefore pays them $250/month. However, my current plan is to live with the missionaries, so they suggested I ask for more since they won't have to cover my living cost.

That would make my budget (without support) look like this:
income + 250 (teaching)

expenses - 150 (living)
                 - 50 (food)
                 - 20 (phone)

That leaves me with $30 per month that would probably go to transportation to and from work and I'd have no money leftover for any mission work.

But, if I live at the school, that leaves me with $200/month that I won't be spending on living expenses, and I wouldn't have to worry as much about the amount of support I have to raise. I definitely still want to raise support from friends and family, because I don't know what random extra expenses are going to show up.

So, I'll have to think about this...

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