Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today vs. Two Day and Other Stories from Friday

Ok, so I fell behind with my updates again... But here are a few quick stories of stuff that happened to me at school yesterday that were cute/funny.

Gissel was asking me about when they could use their money that they get for good behavior to buy things from the little store in the office, so I told her, "Today." She then asked me, "La dia despues de manana?" (the day after tomorrow). I told her no, and she continued to guess more days farther into the week. Finally I stopped her and asked, "What is 'today'?" Her answer: "Dos dias." (2 days)

I laughed when I realized how easily someone could confuse the two, so I showed her the difference by writing "two days." Beneath that, I wrote "2 dias." Then, I wrote "today," and "hoy" beneath that. She studied the word in Spanish for a moment, and then read "Hoy?" "Yes," I told her, and she hugged me with joy that she could go buy trinkets with her well-earned money. I was just glad for the little English lesson we had had. :)

Last week during chapel, Zudy had lost her first tooth. And then she lost it. It was one of her lower incisors, so it was small, and she probably dropped it during one of their "let's jump around like crazy" songs. She was obviously upset about this and looked hard for it around where she was sitting, but did not find it.

This week after chapel, there was a sort of buzz among several of my girls revolving around something that Emy had pinched in between her fingers. Not knowing what it was but knowing that it was causing some excitement, I held out my hand for Emy to give me whatever it was. As she placed it in my hand, I caught the words "...diente de Zudy." Sure enough, there was Zudy's tooth, now in my hand.

I'm not really grossed out by germs and such, but something about holding a lost tooth was a little bit gross to me. But, it was really funny to me that she lost her tooth (twice) last week, and that it had now been found. I showed several of the other teachers who laughed with me, then put the tooth safely in a Ziploc bag with Zudy's name on it. I gave her clear instructions to put it in her backpack so she didn't lose it again.

In chapel, Miss Carla was talking about how we reap what we sow, and the importance of being nice to others. As an example, she was saying how it wouldn't be very nice to tell Mr. Tito how bad his hair looked. She said this a couple of different ways to emphasize the point, when Connie couldn't sit quietly anymore. She suddenly shouted out, "No es cierto, Mr. Tito! Tu pelo es bonito!"

Although Miss Carla laughed at the passion and slight anger in Connie's declaration, she was able to use her as an example of being nice to others. Connie really is a sweet and quiet girl, so it didn't surprise me that she came to the defense of one of her favorite teachers, though it was a little surprising that she so boldly spoke out during chapel. If only all the kids were that quick to be nice to each other.

So, those are my three little anecdotes from the other day. Basically, my kids are awesome. Most of the time. I did also have a kid bite and pinch another student when I stepped out of the class for less than a minute, and later kick another student. He spent an hour and a half after school writing sentences for all that.

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