Sunday, April 23, 2017

Coming Full Circle

Here's the super short version of this update if you don't want to read the rest: Roberto and I will be working at an elementary school starting in August, the one I worked at before.

Here's the longer version:

I got an answer back from the Ranch, and it was one I had sort of seen coming but didn't want to admit: I would not be welcomed back to the Ranch. Even though I had felt like things had been moving to that end, it was still a painful shock to me that I'm still recovering from. So then I had to ask the question that I always hate answering: What now?

So as Roberto and I talked about our options and our future plans, he suggested we go and work for the school where I had been before the Ranch. I had been missing teaching, the kids, and the friends I had made there, so I readily agreed to contact them and find out if we could do that. After what seemed like a long wait (but was really just over a week), they said yes!

There are still a LOT of details to figure out, but I'm getting more and more excited every day about returning to San Pedro Sula to teach with my husband by my side. Although I previously faced a lot of emotional problems while being there, a lot of that came from isolation, which won't be a problem with Roberto. I'll not only be able to be working and living with my soul mate, but we'll also be able to more easily go places together that I wasn't able to do safely while living alone.

Please be praying for us as we make this transition!

We currently have 2 weeks to find a place in San Pedro Sula to store my things and a way to transport them (it's about 8 hours from Ojojona to San Pedro Sula), and I also have to renew my Honduran residency in San Pedro Sula. And, I have to do it on my own because Roberto has to stay here to finish up his university classes and to work.

It's also going to be a big adjustment when we do move in August because we'll be even more on our own which means I'll have all the possibilities of running a home in addition to working. And he'll be adjusting to a slightly different culture and ALL new people in his life.

One more thing!

We want to be able to do ministry in San Pedro Sula, but aren't sure if we'll have the financial freedom to do so. Our first step will be buying a car, which we're both working hard for right now. Once we get to San Pedro Sula and get a vehicle, we can start exploring our options and see where God leads us. I have a few ideas, but nothing definite yet.

If you would like to continue supporting Roberto and I in our missionary work, then you may do so by sending money to my personal PayPal or a check to my dad with my name on the memo line. For info on giving by check, please email me.

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