Friday, August 26, 2011

An Answer to Prayer

Yesterday had been a trying day. Only 4 days until I leave, and my plans for the day were to go to Wildwood to help with the horse activity, have one of my good friends pray over me, and go to lunch with the girl that I roomed with for 2 years and call my sister. It was going to be the last time for a long time that I was going to Wildwood, a place that has been a huge part of my spiritual development for almost 10 years now.

Then, I got rear-ended about 20 minutes out. Traffic came to a sudden halt, and the truck behind me didn't even brake before swerving onto the shoulder to avoid hitting me. This, however, didn't leave much time for the car behind him to slow down, and she ran into me. Despite being a respectable distance behind the car in front of me, I bumped into him as well. God was there, and no one was hurt. I've got some neck pain, and the woman who hit me had slightly hurt her arm (probably on the air bag). Since there was gas leaking out of my car, I had to have it towed home.

So, after that trying morning, I spent the afternoon sorting and preparing clothes for packing and writing thank-you notes to the families and individuals that attended my party last Saturday. Then, I got online to check facebook (of course), and got a message from someone I had friended because they were mutual friends with the Sorah's and the woman who runs the school where I'll be working.

His name is Justin Ross, and he and his wife are missionaries in Honduras with a ministry called Sparrow Ministries. He said they were starting up a new ministry aspect at Casita, teaching the girls there how to sew and therefore allowing them to have a trade when they leave the orphanage, to keep them from going back onto the streets and continuing the cycle of poverty.

This is something that I've been praying about. I knew God was sending me to love the girls at Casita, but I wasn't sure what that was going to tangibly look like. And here was the answer. I've been playing with sewing machines and making things to sell for most of my life. I remember being about 10 and getting a pattern to make something for my doll. I recently made my dad a blanket, and over Christmas break, my mom and I put together a dress for civil war re-enacting in a day. It's something that I've always loved, but never really had the time to put into. And I wanted to be able to do something with the girls at Casita that would have a lasting impact on their lives.

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