Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DRAMAtic kids

Ok, so it's not real drama that I'm going to talk about. It's just how dramatic kids can be about some things.

Yesterday, my kids that stay until the 1st and 2nd graders are done were outside with the older grades who had P.E. My kids were just playing soccer on the field while the older kids had class on the basketball court. Suddenly, I had Josue come in to tell me that Jazer fell and was bleeding. By the look on his face, you'd think that there were compound fractures involved, so I calmly got up to follow him outside.

When I got out there, Jazer was sitting on the ground surrounded by several kids and their P.E. teacher. He was crying and holding his leg. I walked over to him to survey the damage. There, on his ankle, was.... A SINGLE DROP OF BLOOD!!!!

At that point, I knew he would live, and I was fairly certain I'd be able to salvage his foot, too, so I lifted him up and made him walk inside. We were almost halfway to the building when he started putting weight on his injured foot. Still sniffling and spitting accusations at our entourage, I sat him down on a chair in the office and pulled on some plastic gloves and pulled supplies from our first aid kit.

First I used dry cotton to get the blood off. This apparently caused him great pain as he gasped and stiffened. Mostly I held back a laugh. Then, I cleaned it off with hydrogen peroxide, which I know did hurt some, and he reacted accordingly. Once the area was cleaned up a bit, I saw that it was not a fresh cut, but a halfway healed scab that had fallen off just in the middle.

I applied some triple antibiotic ointment, which also caused a surprising amount of discomfort, and then a band-aid, which scared him because it was "so big." Once he pulled his shoe and sock back on, he limped off to return to the game, and was running around like nothing was wrong about 5 minutes later. The amount of drama one kid can stir up with such a small injury never ceases to amaze me, and I had a good laugh with another teacher after he was gone.

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