Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tree Tag

Today, I was playing tag with the kids after school. But let me back up.

Right after school, I was more tired than usual, and when just Gissel was finishing up, I asked her if I could sleep. She told me I could and scampered out of the class. I laid my head down on my desk and closed my eyes to rest for a few minutes.

Not one minute later, Dayanira burst into the class saying loudly, "Miss, no sleep in the class!!" No sleeping in class being a rule, of course, I was obliged to lift my head up. But then Gissel came back in and told me I could sleep, so I put my head back down. Dayanira objected to this once again, and asked me to come out and play with them.

Seeing as we had just been talking about what's good/bad for the body and I had made it clear that playing is good, I decided to put my words into action and got up to play outside with them. We went into the back where the swings are and started a game of tag.

The thing about playing tag with your students is that they all want to tag... YOU. So, it didn't really matter who I tagged, because chances were pretty good that they were going to turn and chase me down until I got caught again. Seeing as I was in flip-flops and was either running on loose dirt or smooth cement, running was hard enough without getting a break.

When I started feeling winded, I sat and just took a break for a few minutes. Once I was recovered, I decided to join back in. But what I didn't realize is that they had changed the game and failed to inform me of the new rules. So, when I finally let Gissel catch me because I was tired of running, I thought I was it and tried to tag somebody else, but I then had several kids running up to me and tagging me.

I was confused, but ended up just running around tagging people aimlessly as they tagged me. Then, I suspected they were playing freeze tag, since some of the kids would freeze upon getting tagged, and then run again when they were tagged by someone else. Then, I randomly got swarmed by a bunch of children and we were all just sort of standing there.

Dennisito announced that he had a flower and something about fire, and some of the other kids were also yelling random things that I didn't quite understand. Finally, I threw my hands up and announced that I was a tree. It seemed like the only reasonable thing to do at that point.

I was joined by several other kids who also declared themselves to be trees, and we stood in a little grove as some of the others still ran here and there. Shortly after that we were interrupted by the rain, and I'm still not entirely sure what we were playing.

At any rate, it was fun, and my kids are generally hilarious.


  1. This same thing happened to me today!¡ Well, not being trees part, but the game of tag. At the kids' program I did today, I somehow started playing tag with the kids, and no matter who was "it", all of the kids that I was playing with would chase me, or if I was "it", I would chase them. I was never safe, haha.