Monday, May 21, 2012

The Saving Imagination of Kids

I just wanted to share what a blessed day I had yesterday after a pretty disappointing weekend. Saturday was disappointing because I had plans with a friend to go to a worship service/concert that they have every week at the Music Garage. I was supposed to go with her and some of her friends, but when I sent her a message on facebook she told me she was visiting her family (6ish hours away) and wouldn't be going.

The bright spot in my Saturday involved the purchasing of a new guitar from a member of the English church. It's cute and black and the strings are nice and close to the frets so I can easily hold them down. And it came with a super nice bag that I also love. And it was a really good deal.

But, it didn't change the fact that the event I was looking forward to all week wasn't going to happen. I ended up being really pouty and just watched movies all evening and went to bed early. I probably could have handled that better...

So, Sunday morning with everyone at church was a welcome relief, and a huge blessing. After church, I was invited to one couple's house, who was having another family from the church over. Pauline and Jay have 3 girls that I've gotten to know a little and love, so I was excited to get to spend time with them.

I helped MaryKay prepare the food, and managed to slice my finger with a difficult can of beans, which reminded me once again how often I injure myself doing the most mundane things, but usually come out unscathed from things that are relatively dangerous. At any rate, the meal was absolutely amazing, and the fellowship was even better.

Most of the games I played with the girls were crazy and worth mentioning. I played PollyPockets with the 8-year old, who concocted such a story line that I couldn't believe it. The first character I was playing got locked into the tower by her sister (played by Abigail), and then I played a man trying to save her who was repeatedly severely injured in his attempts. After my guy shocked by the electric fence or fell while parachuting, she would calmly announce, "Now he's out of the hospital" and he would try again. After several near-escapes and stints in jail, he did eventually save her, only to die in the process, but not before I managed to have them get married while parachuting to safety.

The next thing I played was fairly simple, but ended up being hilarious. I was playing with a baby doll with Lilian, and at first I was the Mommy and she was the Daddy, but then when the baby was hungry, we apparently switched roles because then she was feeding the baby, as she put it, "with the milk that's in my tummy." She actually lifted her shirt and held the baby to her chest, and her dad and I had a good laugh about it.

After eating some delicious cookies for desert and getting in a little more "adult time," I went outside to play with the girls. All four of us climbed onto the swing on the swingset that has the two seats facing each other and that you move by pushing on the floor with your feet. Abigail immediately informed us all that she was the "porter" and that we were taking a trip all the way around the world, via underwater tunnels. As we enjoyed various activities and ate delicious meals in the dining car, we were able to see 3 different kinds of whales, and made stops in Nicaragua, China, and many others. It was a great trip.

They then drove me home, and Lilian played doctor with me. First, I got a full check-up that involved getting a shot, checking blood pressure, and taking my temperature. After that, I asked her about a bug bite that I had gotten on my hand earlier that was red and already formed a decent welt. She said she'd take it off and found a scalpel and pair of scissors in the doctor kit. She then proceeded to remove my entire hand. When I asked her what I was supposed to do without a hand, she said she'd put it back on, and did so quickly. It was great. Whenever I questioned her methods, she always pointed to her badge and said, "Don't worry. I'm a doctor," and I always felt reassured.

Oh, the games kids play! They have such an imagination, and it's sad to me that so many people seem to lose that as they get older. Of all the things to leave behind after childhood, your imagination is not one of them. It opens the door to endless possibilities and allows you to take journeys unlike any other. I know for me, yesterday, it pulled me out of the bad mood I was in and reminded me that there's so much more to living than being able to go to concerts with friends.

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