Thursday, May 10, 2012

SUMMER PLANS (por fin)

I'm not going to lie. Despite my best efforts, I almost just once again forgot to post this blog... :D

I realized that I hadn't posted this while talking with my parents on Skype recently when my mom was surprised at my plans for the summer. The problem is I put something about it on facebook when I first bought my plane tickets and then forgot to put it in a blog, where more people read it, I think. I know my mom checks my blog and expects information from there more than my facebook, at least.

At any rate, here's what I'm doing for the summer, during which time you should definitely not expect updates.

I am leaving Honduras early in the morning on June 14th. That's a Thursday, and it's the day before school actually ends. I was told it was the day after school ended when I bought my ticket, and then that changed, so I'll be missing the last couple of days of school and my kids graduation. Although this makes me sad, there is a reason for my rushing to get back to Michigan.

I will be working at WILDWOOD this summer!!!!!!!! I'm super excited about it. It'll be a great way to recharge and serve during the summer while making some money. :) Staff training there starts on the 8th of June, but because I've been through it so many times before, it's not imperative that I'm there for all of it, but it was important that I get there as soon as possible. So, I'll be flying out on the 14th of June.

When I bought my ticket, I had the option of a short or long layover in Florida. I have a good friend that lives in Florida, so I talked to her and opted for the 6 hour layover so we could go have lunch and catch up. Plus, I've never been outside of the airport in Florida, so it'll be nice to say I've actually been to Florida, if only for a few hours. :) I would be getting in to Detroit around 9pm for a late night with family, and getting dropped off at Wildwood early Friday morning to catch the last day of staff training.

Sounds great, right? Well, it was. Then, the airline changed my flight time. Now, I'm not leaving Florida until around 9pm, and won't be getting in to Detroit until midnight. Even without delays, I won't be getting to my house until about 1am. And I plan on leaving for Wildwood at 6am the next morning. So, I likely won't sleep that night. But, it'll be ok. And this was all sort of off-topic. I had a big cup of super sugary iced tea after Bible study earlier, and I think it's kicking in now.

So, that's what my summer is going to be: working at Wildwood, and catching up with friends on the weekends. I will also be taking some self-defense classes on the weekends from a friend of mine who's a martial artist and was offering a really good deal on classes. So, that should be fun, and then I don't have to be as concerned about my knife getting turned against me on the off chance that I do need to defend myself. :)

I'll also be attending at least one civil war reenactment, the last weekend I'm here. I'm not sure if there are others that I can attend yet, so we'll see. I'm looking forward to the one I am going to, because I had crazy amounts of fun there when I went a couple years ago, despite getting food poisoning from eating a sandwich my mom had leftover from dinner like 5 hours before I got there. It was there that I was "shot and killed" during a skirmish between the rebs and union soldiers that took place in town. Fun times, but I've gotten off topic again.

I will be leaving the US and coming back to Honduras on August 8th, just 5 days after camp ends. The reason I'm leaving so soon (school probably won't start until the first week of September) is that I'm going to be taking 2 weeks of Spanish school at a school in Copan, which is a couple hours south of San Pedro Sula. I'll be living with a host family there for the two weeks and having 20 hours a week of one-on-one Spanish instruction, plus homework every night.

I'm SUPER excited about Spanish school. I know it'll be really good for me. I've been learning with one of the other teachers at the school (you can read about that in my previous blog if you haven't already), so I will hopefully have a lot of the verbs figured out so I can focus a lot more on fluency in Copan. And, I'll probably continue lessons with Hellen next year to keep sharp.

So, that's the plan right for summer. In exactly 5 weeks, I'll probably be on a plane or boarding one in Florida to go to my Michigan home for the summer! :D

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