Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Break.... IN MICHIGAN!!

As many (or possibly all) of you may know, I did get to spend Christmas break with my family and friends in Michigan. That was part of "God's tangible love" that I mentioned in my last post. I would have shared that I was going to MI for Christmas, but it was a surprise for my parents, as well as several friends.

My cousin (who also holds the title of BFF) bought a ticket for me with help from Grandma. It was a great surprise, and came at the perfect time: right when I laid myself down and was totally fine with where God had me for Christmas. I could feel God nodding in approval and saying, "Now that you're satisfied in me, I will give you what you really do need."

And what a great break it was. Not only did I get to surprise people (my mom cried, a girl friend screamed, and a guy friend stared at me with his jaw dropped like I wasn't quite real), but I also got to spend quality time with them. For the week and a half that I was there, I made sure that I went out to lunch, movies, and coffee houses with the people that I could. I also got to go visit WWR, and hopped on a horse (youtube video coming soon!). I went swing dancing where I also had a mini summer reunion with some of the camp people that also go to swing.

Because of some lack of communication with the school, I was originally scheduled to come back a full week before school actually started back up. When I tried to change the flight, it was close to $300 to do so, and that's ridiculous. But, God had me there, and when I went to get my ticket to leave, I found out that the flight was delayed, which would have meant missing my connection, so they were going to put me on a different flight. I asked for an even later one, and they were more than happy to oblige, giving me 5 EXTRA DAYS!! Although I spent about 2 of those sitting around the house doing a lot of nothing, it was great to get a chance to relax from all the running around and seeing people that I had been doing.

So, I am now back in Honduras and getting into the swing of things. Today was the first day back from school, and I expected them to be crazy because they are after just 3-day weekends, but I was pleasantly surprised and they were all very well-behaved. Because I hadn't planned much with this expectation, we were able to have a very laid-back day of review, where they wowed me again by speeding through the reading. I'm not sure how 3 weeks of not reading any english seemed to help them with their english, but it did. The read all 15ish words I put on the board like they were nothing. I guess I'm going to have to step it up.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I am making it a goal to update more often, even if it's just funny anecdotes from school. I will probably also start updating when I post youtube videos that pertain to my ministry, so you can see what I'm doing. I have a few up now, so I guess I'll give you a link to my channel so you can check those out if you want:

Enjoy! And God bless!

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