Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tests Next Week

Wow. This has been a busy week. Next week, we have the second round of exams that the kids will have to take (the first having been in November). So, I spent most of the last two days preparing the study guides, and then the tests. The tests were essentially the study guide just mixed up and changed a bit, so if they studied, they should have any problems.

So, we'll see. It was a grueling process after school on Friday. I wrote out every page that I needed, made sure every one was open on my computer, and then printed them all. Then, I made copies of everything and had to cut some papers in half. Once that was all done, I assembled them by subject and stapled them together.

Tammy's son is in my class, and was working on the study guide after I had finished all of that craziness. She found a mistake on the capital to small letter matching sheet, so I went through and changed the second "g" to an "n." When I got back out from that, I found out I also had an extra "h" and no "s," so I had to go through and manually change that as well. I'm not sure how that happened as I checked it twice, but it's fixed now, so it should be fine.

I was also working hard this week to finish up my online article writing job. I got another offer from the same employer that I'm really enjoying working with, so probably start working on that today, although I'm also not feeling well and really just want to do nothing.

At any rate, I'm making it a goal today to do something productive, and here are my options:

-do some college work
-work on online job
-edit and post a youtube video
-fill out application for summer internship in Copan
-post a blog

Ok, so I'm about to post this blog, which will make me feel accomplished, but now that I've written the list, I realize that I could do more than one of these things, which would make me feel even more accomplished. :) I might also reward myself with watching my favorite cartoon afterwards, which has been posted in whole on youtube, by the copyright owner, which means all the episodes are there, neat, and legal so they won't disappear.

I'll also be spending some time with God in worship today, but I like to wait until evening, when things are cooler and quieter. It feels more intimate that way. I'm trying to post more pictures in here because it's just way more fun, so here's a picture of me with Analia and Zudy:

We had a little bit too much fun with the camera that day, I think. I have about 5 more similar pictures of the three of us, but this is my favorite of Analia, who looks like she's practicing for a dentist visit or something.

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