Friday, January 13, 2012


This is just a funny thing that happened today that I have to share.

After school, Lindsay, Tito, Cesia and I were the only ones left and were leaving. Tito and I got in the car and were waiting at the curb for Lindsay and Cesia to finish locking up.

I had seen as we were pulling out of the big gate two dogs running together. One looked to be a boxer/bulldog mix of some type, and the other looked like a yellow lab. There was a man with them, but was almost halfway down the block. They were clearly just enjoying a run outside.

As soon as Cesia and Linsday came out of the gate, the dogs rushed to greet them. Lindsay screamed, "Perros!" And they both ran back inside the gate and closed it to keep out the danger. Their screams and running only excited the dogs more, so they both charged over to make new friends. The yellow lab was older, and just stood wagging his tail, but the boxer/bulldog jumped up excitedly on the gate as the two girls tried to hold the gate closed while staying away from the dogs.

Tito and I mostly just laughed at them.

The man finally caught up to them and saw what was happening, so he called them off, and the dogs quickly took off in some other direction. Lindsay sprinted to the car and opened Cesia's door for her before climbing in the back beside me. Cesia struggled with the padlock as she frantically tried to lock it while looking out for the two dogs, but did eventually make it into the car safely.

They talked about it the whole way home. I just had to laugh, because to me, there was never any real danger, except maybe of getting knocked down. Boxers and labs are two of the best family pets because of their very easy-going and friendly natures. And these two dogs were very clearly just having fun, and meant no harm to anybody. I'd be willing to bet that if the two girls had just stood still and ignored the dogs, they would have quickly gotten bored and ran off to find something more interesting somewhere else.

I guess it's easy for me to spot two dogs running around and instantly tell their approximate temperaments by their breed as well as their intentions by their actions, but someone who knows little about dogs and are also afraid of them wouldn't know such things.

At any rate, it was funny to watch and made my day.

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