Sunday, January 22, 2012

Video of My Kids Dancing

First of all, today was a great day. I went to church this morning, and we had a guest speaker come and speak. He's visiting from Guatemala, and is awesome. He was here visiting when I first moved down, so it was good being able to catch up now that I can actually understand a bit. On Thursday, I went out to lunch with Dennis and Tammy, their kids, and Pastor Luis. It was definitely a fun meal.

Today, I also got to Skype with my cousin for a bit, which is always fun. Then, I was helping Lindsay with her math homework. On Friday, she had it printed and left it in my class on accident. After school, I was putting off finishing printing all the tests, so I did 6 of the algebra problems instead, just for fun. She thought I was crazy for enjoying it, and I offered to help if she needed it, so today, she did ask for help. We struggled through several problems, and she eventually decided that her professor was not going to work out for her, since she didn't learn anything in class and had 100 problems for homework that she would never finish.

So, that was pretty much my day. Now, I'm just chilling a bit, and posted a video on youtube, which was supposed to be the main point of this post. This video is of my kids dancing to some sweet music that I made. Actually, they were dancing to Grits, and then I made this music to put over it, but it's still sweet.

Here it is:

Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to check out my other videos, too. With ads placed in them as well, you support my mission just by watching them!

I'll try to get better at posting the videos here, so you can see them right away, but I would definitely encourage you to also subscribe to my youtube channel to stay updated on all my videos!

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