Saturday, January 21, 2012


After several months of it being broken and several weeks of me trying to fix it, I have indeed fixed the support button that is on the top right corner of my blog. So, you can now support my ministry by clicking the check-out button and giving using a credit card, and maybe other methods, through Google Checkout.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I'm not doing anything with support money right now, since I'm not really doing ministry outside of teaching, so right now, I'm saving that money to see what God wants me to do with it. Right now, I'm thinking I'll be using it to get me through summer here since I won't be getting paid, if I stay here for the summer. Summer plans are still to be revealed to me.

That is all. Thanks for reading. Just by reading my blog you support my ministry because of the ads posted, so tell your friends and subscribe so you can keep supporting me while you see what I'm up to!

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