Saturday, January 14, 2012

Copan Preview and Ads

Just to be clear, I don't really have control over the ads that are posted on my blog. So, sorry about all the half-naked muscular men that are on here.

Today was a good day and I'm going to have a good sleep.

But that's not what I meant to say. Today was a long day. And good. It was definitely a good day. We went to Copan to visit part of our church family. By "we" I mean about half the church crowded into a 15 passenger van. Fortunately, half the church meant 10 adults and 8 children, so it wasn't bad at all, except that my seat was uncomfortable.

I'll hopefully have more on this tomorrow. I'm off to bed, as I have church tomorrow morning, and some catching up to do on my online jobs. And, I have to actually blog about today, rather than make obscure game references and apologize for ad content.


My mom informed me that the ads she sees when reading my blog are for criminal justice degrees, so I guess the ads are connected to what you've been searching for on your computer. I'm still not sure why I have ads for abs, when the last thing I did a lot of searching for was making homemade tea. Now they're for hair. So, I guess there was no need to apologize, but apologizing for apologizing just seems like it will turn circular real quick, so I'm not going to.

Thanks for reading!

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