Sunday, January 29, 2012

Worship Wake-Up and Sitting Outside

Well, this last week has been great. I got two days off at the school because I wasn't giving tests those days, so I stayed home and got a lot of college work done, as well as laundry.

The tests went really well. The kids behaved great, and most of them did pretty well on the exams. We have retests next week, and although there are a few kids that have to retake almost all of the tests, most of them will just get to relax a bit. I'll have to come up with some activities that they can do quietly while the others retake the tests.

Today was overall a great day. This morning, I woke up to the sound of Tito and Cesia singing worship music in the next room, preparing for church. It was definitely a great thing to wake up to. I got to go to the English-speaking church, International Christian Fellowship, who truly lives up to their name. We have people there that are from all over the globe, as far as Russia, and it's always a great place to fellowship. I was approached about teaching the 3-5 year olds in Sunday school in March, so I'm looking forward to getting to help with them in that.

After church, I went out to eat with Terry and Alba. Then, Terry dropped me off at the house and left. It was only after he left that I realized there was nobody home, so I was locked out. Fortunately, I just got a phone (finally) on Friday, so I managed to get a hold of mi familia to let them know what was going on. They said they'd be there in 10 minutes, and 25 minutes later, they got there. :)

Although being outside was a little bit scary, I do live in a very safe area, so I wasn't too worried about it. I just sat down on the step and casually waited. All I had with me was my Bible, a notebook, about $30 cash, my cheap phone, and my knife. And a donut. I figured, on the off chance that I did get robbed, I'd gladly hand over the cash, but I doubted there'd be any problems.

And there weren't. The neighbor came home and saw me. He went inside, and then came out a few minutes later and was messing with the water or something on the outside of the house. I knew he was really checking on me, though, and he came over a few minutes later to ask if anyone was home. I told him they weren't. He asked if I needed to make a call, and I told him I didn't, that they'd be home soon. He also commented on the sun and offered to let me wait inside of his gate, but I told him I was fine outside. Part of me was worried that if mi familia got there and didn't see me they'd be worried, but it was mostly because I would have felt incredibly awkward.

A few butterflies flew past, and an older homeless-looking man came by, looking in garbage cans for plastic bottles. I think they can sell them by the bagful, as I have seen other people collecting large amounts of plastics in bags. He stared at me a bit (as is custom), and I watched him, and that was that. Then they got home, and I thought, "Well, that wasn't all that bad."

Obviously, I'm not going to go skipping through downtown by myself waving cash around like it's totally safe. But I definitely feel a lot safer now, at least in front of the house. I may even see if it would be possible to go walking with somebody on Saturdays, just to get out of the house for a bit. I have before, when I was buying a calling card for my phone.

I also found out from Terry today that there's a trail that goes up to the giant CocaCola sign that's on the mountain. I want to go up there so bad. I have since I first saw the huge light-up sign up there. I want to see how big it is, and to have an adventure. Someday. I guess there are church groups that hike up there sometimes for something, so I'll have to ask around so I can be a part of that.

Well, I've got some college work to get done, so I guess I'll be off and do it. Once I finish this course, I'll be 1/4 of the way done with the first step! Yay!

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